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Artificial Intelligence has extraordinary opportunity, for market prices forecast with AI for examples, it has $68 trillion circulating in the stock market and $2.2 trillion in the crypto market.
In practice, 1AI will develop various projects ;

  • Secure Wallet
  • Artificial Intelligence Marketplace
  • AI Forecasts Services
  • AI for humanity



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Potential Market

On Going Business

Sustainable Market

State Of The Art Technology

68 trillion from stock market and 2.2 trillion from cryptocurrency market

We currently run market forecast services business

Market is a business that has existed and will last forever

We use artificial intelligence and always innovate with the latest technology

  • 68 Trillion from Stock
  • 2.2 Trillion from Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency Forecast With AI
Stock Forecast With AI
Forex Forecast With AI
  • Past
  • Future


As it name, 1AI is determined to be one-stop solution for AI projects, by combining it with the power of blockchain.

Market Forecasts

Wallet, Payment, Investment

AI Marketplace

Stock, Cryptocurrency  forecasts using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Stock forecasts : NYSE, NASDAQ, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, many more.
  • Cryptocurrency forecasts : BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, BNB, XRP, many more

Status : Ongoing

1AI can be used for payments or investments, which puts forward private, secure and anonymous. We will cooperating with third parties and take part as a currency to buy and sell Artificial Intelligence products.

Status : On Progress

Create Artificial Intelligence Marketplace backed by blockchain power.

Status : On Progress

  • Stock
  • Crypto
  • Forex
  • Wallet
  • Payment
  • Investment
  • Open Source

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